Rural Fences: Livestock, Vermin, Repairs, Expenses and More

Rural Fences: Livestock, Vermin, Repairs, Expenses and More

  • Need Custom Trailer Ideas? How About A Ute-Tray Trailer?

    Trailers are handy to have around, especially if you own a vehicle that has the capacity to tow. You can use them to transport loads just for your convenience and cost-savings. Instead of buying ready-made trailers on sale, you can have a custom trailer designed and manufactured just for you. A custom trailer gives you even more value because it meets your specific needs. Plus, custom trailers are head-turners. Below, discover what a ute-tray trailer is and how you can get one.

  • Boundary Fence Repair: 2 Things You Should Know

    In many Australian neighbourhoods, a paling fence demarcates the common boundary between adjacent homes. An old/damaged paling fence is often considered an eyesore. More importantly, such a fence compromises residential security, hence the need to have it repaired/replaced with a new fence as soon as possible. Undertaking repairs on a boundary fence is supposed to be a team effort between you and your neighbour. This article discusses two things that you might want to know as you make preparations for the repair exercise.

  • Fencing Tips and Modifications to Keep Kangaroos Out of Your Garden or Field

    If you have a crop that you don't want kangaroos to snack on, you need fencing that will keep them out. Luckily, there are a range of fencing techniques you can use, and there are also ways that you can modify your existing fencing. Keep the roos out with these tips: 1. Electrify it. Whether you have a fence already or are building a new one, you can easily electrify it.

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Rural Fences: Livestock, Vermin, Repairs, Expenses and More

Fencing in a rural setting has to fill a lot more functions than a fence around a residential home. It has to keep your livestock, one of your biggest annual assets, safe. It also has to keep out vermin and possibly be electrified. Thanks to the sheer abundance of fencing on many rural properties, fence installation, upkeep, repair and replacement can also be expensive. Luckily, if you want tips on what you need or how to make it more affordable, I am here to help. Hi, my name is Nicki, and I love living out in the country. I also love writing so decided to put my knowledge about fences to use in this space.