Rural Fences: Livestock, Vermin, Repairs, Expenses and More

Rural Fences: Livestock, Vermin, Repairs, Expenses and More

Benefits Of Glass Fences

by Connor Peters

Stylish and robust, glass fences are a great addition to any home, particularly if you have stunning views that you don't want to interrupt. Here are some other benefits.


Glass is sturdy and durable. Australian standards regulate the allowable types, so you can relax knowing it will provide a substantial barrier if anyone falls against it. The fence will use toughened, laminated or toughened-laminated glass. Toughened glass is about four times more durable than ordinary glass and so unlikely to break. If it does, though, it crumbles into rounded pieces that are unlikely to cause injury. With a vinyl interlayer that glues together two glass panes on either side, laminated glass tends to hold everything together in the case of impact. Glass that is both toughened and laminated provides the benefits of both. Furthermore, unlike metal or timber barriers, glass fences are continuous, without gaps that allow children or pets to squeeze through.

Customisation Options

A custom glass fence can fit within any space so that you can create a barrier specific to your needs. Different framing options allow a choice in how you construct the fence. Frameless barriers are the sleekest, showing minimal metal hardware to disrupt your view of the garden or beyond. Semi-framed and framed versions retain a smooth, glacier-like finish, but the metal trimmings bring more attention to the barrier itself. 

The safety glass can undergo different treatments, so it can better match the look and feel of your environment. Options include clear, tinted or frosted panels. Bronze, grey, green or blue tints can link the glass fence to the colours and shades of your home, the foliage or the pool area. One advantage of frosted glass is the privacy it provides, which is handy for some outdoor environments that face neighbour's properties or the street. Alternatively, clear glass will make the most of the surrounding vista.

Easy Maintenance And Comfort

Because glass is durable and resistant to corrosion, you won't need to spend much time maintaining its good looks. Forget about the periodic painting or restaining that you need to undertake with timber. All it will need is a simple clean with a sponge, water and a suitable glass-cleaning product to protect its smooth appearance. Additionally, unlike timber or metal fences, glass blocks wind gusts, making a deck, balcony or pool area more usable even on blowy days. You won't need to anchor down your magazines or towels to prevent them from taking off in the wind.


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Rural Fences: Livestock, Vermin, Repairs, Expenses and More

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