Rural Fences: Livestock, Vermin, Repairs, Expenses and More

Rural Fences: Livestock, Vermin, Repairs, Expenses and More

Different Options to Consider When Installing New Fence Gates

by Connor Peters

If you have recently had perimeter fencing installed around your property, you could be deliberating on which gates to install. But selecting gates is not just about choosing the cheapest option you can find. Keep in mind that these gates are supposed to complement the visual appeal of your fence while still providing you with the same degree of security that the fencing does. A significant amount of thought and consideration needs to be put into your primary purpose of the fence coupled with the type of aesthetic you want to achieve. The following are three different options that you can consider when installing new fence gates.

Standard protection gates

This type of the gates is the standard option that you will find on most properties. They are a practical alternative if you live in a safe neighbourhood and are not too worried about burglars, but still want to keep your property moderately secured. Standard protection gates are often used in tandem with padlocks to safeguard the premises. However, take note that the latch may rust with prolonged exposure to humidity and rainfall, so you will have to replace it after several months. Standard gates do come with a couple of advantages you can enjoy. For one, these gates can be constructed from numerous materials, ranging from vinyl to chainwire. Secondly, these gates are incredibly cost-efficient, making them ideal for homeowners not looking to splurge on their gates.

Sliding gates with an access panel

This style of gate is a favourite for two main reasons. To begin with, these gates are highly secure, as they come with an access panel that restricts entry to only authorised individuals. Some of the different types of access panels you could choose include keypads, biometric panels or even pin-coded panels. Second, sliding gates are astoundingly easy to use, as they are fitted onto a track system. This track system also makes them a space-efficient choice for your property.

Exit-only gates

The primary function of these fence gates is to restrict unauthorised access into the property while still allowing people on the property to leave at their will. While exit-only gates are customary in commercial properties, you may want to consider installing them on your property in places such as the backyard. While exit-only gates are highly functional, they can be ornamental also and can be fashioned from either wrought iron or vinyl. The main thing to note about exit-only gates is they need to be outfitted with incredibly strong hinges to ensure that they cannot be broken into.


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Rural Fences: Livestock, Vermin, Repairs, Expenses and More

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