Rural Fences: Livestock, Vermin, Repairs, Expenses and More

Rural Fences: Livestock, Vermin, Repairs, Expenses and More

Fencing Tips and Modifications to Keep Kangaroos Out of Your Garden or Field

by Connor Peters

If you have a crop that you don't want kangaroos to snack on, you need fencing that will keep them out. Luckily, there are a range of fencing techniques you can use, and there are also ways that you can modify your existing fencing. Keep the roos out with these tips:

1. Electrify it.

Whether you have a fence already or are building a new one, you can easily electrify it. With existing fencing, you simply buy rolls of electrical fencing wire, and stretch them over your existing fence.

The benefit of electrical fencing is that it is effective. After a shock or two, most roos won't approach your fence again, and this can help you save money as you can use relatively cheap fencing materials as the electrical wire tends to be so expensive.

Unfortunately, however, you cannot use electrical fencing in every area -- for example, it is typically illegal inside the limits of most cities.

2. Keep your fence in a state of good repair.

Kangaroos may be able to squeeze through holes in the fence, and because of that, it's important to keep your fence in a state of good repair. If your fence gets a hole or if a pole starts to bend or fall, fix it as soon as possible so that kangaroos don't gain admission.

Also, make sure that your fence meets the ground firmly. Many kangaroos will try to crawl or dig their way under your fence.

3. Make it visible.

If kangaroos cannot see your fence, they are more likely to accidentally run into it, damage it and get into your garden or crops. However, if your fence is visible, you reduce the risk of this happening. In particular, you want your fence to be visible during dawn, dusk and night.

Kangaroos are most active at these times, and visibility is reduced during these times. Luckily, you can buy special glow-in-the-dark tape to make your fence light up, or you can attach twinkle lights to it.

4. Consider a ringlock fence.

You also need to make your fence hard for kangaroos to break. So that a kangaroo doesn't just pull the wires aside and squeeze through your fence, you should consider a ringlock fence. A ringlock design holds the wires of your fence firmly together so they cannot be stretched or pulled.

​For more fencing ideas designed to keep kangaroos out, contact a fencing specialist. 


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Rural Fences: Livestock, Vermin, Repairs, Expenses and More

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